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Live Interview from Olympic Ceremony Watch Party


I spoke to Mikel James, the coordinator of Student Life at the College of Central Florida. He helped put together a watch party to celebrate Brittany Bowe - Ocala's own Olympic speed skater.

New Highway Safety Measures Unveiled in Light of I-75 Tragedy


Local law enforcement is working together to revamp highway safety almost one year after 11 people died in a tragic accident on the northbound lanes of I-75.

Stricter Sex Offender Laws


The Florida Legislature is working on stricter laws for sex offenders to prevent reoffending crimes.


Student Brings a Loaded Gun to Hawthorne High School 


Local law enforcement take action when a 16-year-old student drives up to the Hawthorne High School parking lot with a loaded gun. 

Gainesville Man Tries to Save 

Neighbor from House Fire


One Gainesville man took matters into his own hands when he noticed his neighbor's house was being engulfed in flames.

Florida's Holiday Spending Rates Expected to Rise 


The holiday season is just around the corner, and the rush of shoppers in Florida could be bigger than last year's. 

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